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title. CookingWithJago

date. 2020-


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CookingWithJago is a company me and my partner founded in 2020. It works as an Instagram hub for food content, recipes and tutorials. We develop, shoot, cook and edit every recipe video/picture ourselves. We also host pop-up evenings where we showcase regional cuisines with sustainably sourced produce in our local town, Royal Leamington Spa. This is the copy for our facebook page:


Our names are Jago and El and we’re ‘Cooking With Jago’.

We started off as two uni students trying to impress each other with non-existent culinary skills. We had one non-stick pan, one pot, one very blunt chefs knife and about four recipes that we cycled through every week. Maybe one day we’ll share photos of the food we used to show-off back then, but it could ruin your appetite.

Over the years, Jago started devoting more and more time to the craft. Without any professional schooling, he had to teach himself all of the fundamentals. Classical french techniques, the sciences of flavour and aroma, international food culture and most importantly, home-comfort cooking. Jago chooses to cook every day because he loves it, and he loves making people happy with his food. While I definitely enjoy consuming the fruits of his labour, I also love capturing the beauty of the process on film, alongside learning his hints and tricks to be a better chef myself.

We now want to share what we’ve learnt, teaching simple recipes that give you the tools to make hundreds more. In every video you’ll learn a new trick to make life easier, or just make things taste better. Our main platform is currently our Instagram account, @cookingwithjago, so make sure to follow us on there for even more recipes and tutorials.

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