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client. Triumph

title. Try it, they won't.

date. 2019

type. speculative

scope. global


TRIUMPH represents something rare in Britain, we’re always taught about the American hero, the transgressive individual who is his country, but also his own man. This isn't just American, the Brits have them too. Our pirates for hire, our pilots, our riders. These scoundrels, these few are Triumph.


The British scoundrel is sophisticated. Beautiful but courageous, they don’t follow the grain, and though they’re elegant they’re anything but ‘posh’. A Triumph motorbike isn't just for anyone, it’s for those who are bold enough to have one. Those bold enough to keep hold of the reins.


You’re 17, and over one summer everyone’s getting their first cars. Every parking space at college is taken up with those heavy, predictable 4 wheelers, they’re just cars, who knows who’s inside. But in one space, the rider pulls in. It’s you, it’s the 70s and your flowing hair pulls out of your helmet as you’re leaning on your iconic Bonneville. It’s the 90s, your blacked out boot leans over your matching sleek Daytona. It’s now, dressed sharp your boots are muddy as they rub against your adventure bike, the other kids look because they always have. They’re looking because you did it, you chose to test drive the Triumph not the Volvo.


Try it, they won’t

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